Competeing Nationally


Our goal with the Travel program is to give our young players the opportunity to take their game to a higher level and compete against the best players in the Nation.  

Offering them the experience to be part of a team that:
- Puts the goals of the collective above themselves
- Plays for the love of the game
- Pushes each other to maxmize their talent

We know the sports, school & academic calendars for these kids (especially once in high school) are extremely busy.  We are constantly trying to balance, giving enough opportunities to play, develop and be seen by potential College Recruiters against time at home for other commitments.  

However we want to be clear, playing travel hockey is a significant commitment in both time and expense. If college recruitment is your daughters’ goal then we can offer a very good track record and increasing opportunities for the girls who get selected in our u16 & u19 teams.

two tier program

u16 & U18 Travel

Two pathways to playing in college and beyond.


Selection will be based on performance in 22/23 and/or the
Tryouts on:

August 13th: 9am - 12pm, Fort Worth Country Day School

August 20th: 9am - 12pm, St. Stephen's Episcopal School

LS Orange

Our strongest team in each age group.

Annual sign up for Select Seasonal Training

Attendance at ALL 4 Tier One Tournaments.

Attendance at both Annual Boot Camps

Training attendance of >80%

LS White

2nd strongest team in each age group, more flexible tournament schedule.

Annual sign up for Select Seasonal Training

Attendance at least 2 Tournaments per year, opt-in on an event by event basis.

Attendance at both Annual Boot Camps

Training attendance of >80%

Learn to compete

u12 & U14 Travel

Get comfortable playing at the National Level and learn how comptetive hockey is played.


Players are invited or can choose to join our SELECT seasonal program throughout the year and from this group we invite players to attend tournaments.

If you wish to be considered to play in National Tournaments throughout the year please email us below:


We will send out invites for each tournament approximately 3 months before each event so that all travel logistics can be organized in plenty of time.


You will need to purchase a Lonestar FH official uniform before playing in your first Travel Tournament.

Please email Mare Banholzer if you need to purchase and she will guide you through the options.


There are two options for families:

- Chaperoned: your child will be looked after on arrival at the airport until we land on return.

They will share rooms with other players and coaches will ensure they have transport, food & anything else they need on the trip.

You will need book them a plane ticket on the same flight as the coach coming from your city and we will take care of the rest.

- Family Travel: you can accompany your child on the trip and book all your own travel & accommodation.

Players just need to ensure they are at the field on time!

back This year

Indoor Hockey

We are hoping our Winter Season will revert back to Indoor hockey in 2023/24 for first time since the pandemic. We are still confirming venues but assuming we can find locations, this will add one new tournament to our travel schedule.

National Indoor Festival, Virginia Beach, Feb 17-19
This tournament is opt-in (not mandatory) for all Age Groups
Players separated by the typical age groups but then will represent their City for the only time during the year i.e. Lonestar U16 OKC
Season 2023/24

full Tournament Schedule

National Hockey Festival 2023
November 24th - 26th, 2023
Paradise Coast Sports Complex & North Collier Park, Naples FL
U10, U12, U14, U16, U19
Mandatory for U16/19 Orange Teams
Winter Escape 2024
January 12th - 14th, 2024
Boombah Sports Complex, Orlando, FL
U16/U19 Mix
Sunshine Showcase 2024
January 26th - 28th, 2024
ESPN Wide World of Sports, Kissimmee, FL
U12, U14, U16, U19
Mandatory for U16/19 Orange Teams
HTC Austin 2024
February 24-25
St. Stephens
U16, U19
Shooting Stars Showdown 2024
April 6th - 7th, 2024
DE Turf Sports Complex, Frederica, DE
U16, U19
Mandatory for U16/19 Orange Teams
RCC Bootcamp Dallas 2024
Regional Club Championships
May 11th - 12th, 2024
Sportport, St. Louis, MO
U14, U16, U19
Mandatory for U16/19 Orange Teams