What is Field hockey?


30 million men & women play some field hockey every year.

The 4th most played team sport in the world.

135 countries play Field Hockey


One of the few sports where the rules & equipment are identical for men & women.

Size does not matter, the best players in the world are both tall & short!


An Olympic Sport since 1908 for Men and 1980 for Women.

The USA Women's Team won Bronze in the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Ice Hockey meets soccer ?

It's much easier to show you than explain!!

Field Hockey in the uS


1800+ High Schools
300+ Youth Clubs
275 College Programs


On average 10% of all High School FH players go on to play in the NCAA.

This is the highest proportion of any sport along with Lacrosse.


The National Federations has 30,000+ members and fields top 20 Women's & Men's team in tournaments across the world.
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